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Vintage Technology Web Log Total Visits to end of October 2004: 167,090
This is the number of web visitors per month supplied by, the web site host.  Search engine bots will be embedded in these numbers.  Also, as I update this site about once a week you need to discount about 10 visits a month for me!  Thank you to all that have visited, searched and browsed!  It is interesting to see the repeatable seasonality of the statistics.  Let's face it, this is not a mainstream web site but even so, it reflects that during the nicer weather - we all go and do something more interesting!

VT info was started on 19 November 2001 but didn't get fully indexed by Google, Yahoo etc. until January 2002.

Since inception there have been six days that the site has not been accessible for a full 24 hours. The most popular pages are usually the Mullard ECL86 page and the Domestic page.

The site was listed in the Guardian and talked about on Radio 6 in November 2003.  It was also in Short-wave Magazine in December 2003 so I think that explains the sudden rise in visits.