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 Some of the great sites around that I would highly recommend.

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Name Author Last checked Comment
Collectics Organisation Jan 2003 Collector's site par excellence
Technology Sites in the UK
Mike's Electric Stuff Mike Harrison Jan 2004 Fabulous site stuffed with great images of glass technology, plasma experiments and all sorts of interesting stuff.  Mike was kind enough to let me have the counting animation of a nixie tube for the calculator pages.
Vintage Communication Pages Jim Beacon Feb 2004 Clocks, radios, military, telephones. television, recording, novelty and test equipment  site - what a lot phew!

Simply Switch on Paul Linnell Jun 2002 Domestic appliances galore.  Many many items from the whole of the 20th century.
AEI History Company Jun 2002 In-depth history of Marconi and AEI
LK Music Larry Killip Jun 2002 Section of Larry's site in New  Zealand that has loads of Microphones.
Wolverhampton History Organisation Jul 2002 Nice general history site with a great section on Electrical stuff and memories of days gone by - nice content about Ever Ready Radio.
Old Time Supplies Keith Jul 2002 If your interest is vintage domestic valve radios, early transistors, old televisions, and telephones, then this vintage technology website has something for you.
TV Sites in the UK
mb21 Mike Brown Jan 2003 Wow, fabulous site about TV transmitters - very professional. 10/10
TV History Tom Genova Nov 2002 A fabulous site absolutely crammed with information about TV history - if you have even the slightest interest in TV then use this as a great place to learn.
Radio Sites in Europe
Crystal Radio Colin Gavin Apr 2004 Whiskers galore for those that love listening-in
Radio Museum Ernst Erb Apr 2004 German site that has great ambitions - good luck!
Radio Memories Brian Maley Aug 2002 A fellow follower of Rental Radio (having worked at Radio Rentals) this site is worth checking out.  Even has a china ornament section.
British Vintage Wireless Society Organisation Sep 2003 A must for any radio collector in the UK.  Details about subscriptions and forthcoming events.
On the Air Organisation Nov 2002 Lovely magazine backed up with an equally lovely site.  Sells a wide range of well priced radios and plenty of extra goodies.
Radiocraft Steve Ostler Nov 2002 Contains a very extensive directory of Vintage Services, items for sale and bags of information
Valve Radios Chris Whiting Mar 2001 Close to my own heart - a wide mixture of vintage radios and clocks.  Put your speakers on!
Early Wireless    Lorne Clarke

Aug 2002

Nicely revamped site covering crystal sets, valves, components, BBC stamps and valves for sale - who could ask for more?
The Wireless Works Organisation Jan 2002 Sells untouched and restored radios with an excellent reference section.
The Vintage Radio Emporium David Southworth Nov 2001 Sophisticated site with chat rooms, e-cards and all.  Strong on crystal sets and sells books and circuit data.
The Data Sheet Locator P-2-P Feb 2002 Just about everything on valves that you need to know, reference site.
Vintage Radio World Tony Thompson Nov 2001 Lots of info on restoration, valves and components.  Tony sells his circuit diagrams and restorations services from this site.
VRW Publications Tony Thompson Nov 2001 Tony uses this site to sell his restoration book and CD-ROM, also circuit diagrams.
RIGS UK Organisation Jul 2002 Radio Industry Golf Society site has a great history page - check out the famous names with this link.
Radio Sites - rest of the world
Vintage Radio Database Martin Francis Feb 2002 Martin is in Canada but his site is full of British radios from when he lived here.  Loads and loads of great images and smarties too.
Betty's Attic Lea Brennan Feb 2002 Most interesting American site that specialises in memorabilia (even if it's repro).  Some fun stuff in this shop.
Calculator Sites
Joerg Woerner
Nov 2004 All about Texas calcs and any other model that has used a Texas IC.  Very extensive list of calcs from this friendly collector
Tony's Calculator Collection Tony Nov 2004 Nice German/English site with lots of images and good detail
Ernst Mulder's Calculators Ernst Mulder May 2004 Nice details and images - focus on HP Calcs
The Old Calculator Museum Rick Bensene Nov 2004 I just can't resist a good calculator site! This one is extensive and full of information - a real vocation.
Be-Calc Serge Devidts Nov 2004 The ultimate list of calculators.  No detail but a useful reference.
Museum of Pocket Calculators Gerhard Wenzel July 2004 Loads and load of images - a great reference, especially for European calcs.  Look out for his classification tree.
Decode Systems Dan Veeneman Feb 2004 Broad site with a great calculator section
Vintage Calculators - Dotpoint Feb 2004 Plenty of historical articles and covers mechanical calculators
Vintage Calculators - The Guide Nigel Tout Nov 2004 British site packed full of calculator information.  Keep this one as your reference site.  Very good at UK Calcs.
Other Sites
Clipart Connection Group Sep 2003 Great site for grabbing a quick picture or animation and all free - highly recommended.
Supanames Company Now This is the web site host I use, and pretty good they are.  For a small fee they will register your chosen URL and host your site with some excellent site management tools.
Loco Fonic Gary Yates Feb 2002 Gary (from Australia) has a passing interest in vintage radio, but his real passion is steam trains.  Check out this lovely site full of facts but well annotated.