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Valve Ephemera..

(or tubes if you are American) have recently been an area of interest to me.  The period this site spans is from the 1930's to the 1960's; a huge range of design styles and printing capabilities are encompassed in the examination of such simple artefacts.  By their very nature, the valve boxes, advertisements and catalogues were disposable, making them fleeting ephemera of days gone by.  I have grouped the material by brand rather than company as over the years many of the brands were bought by each other. 
Brand Boxes Catalogues Trade Adverts

Factory Photos

Extra Items
Brimar 50-60's 40-60's 1950-52





Cossor 50-60's 40-50's            


Ediswan 40-60's 50-60's 1950-59          


Ferranti 1960's  1956 1950-9            
G.E.C.   1957  1959            
Marconi 50-60's 40-50's                
Mazda 50-60's 1960's          


Mullard   1950's 1950            
Osram   40-50's 1950             
Pinnacle 1960's 1960's 1959            
Tungsram 50-60's 30-50's              

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