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Valve Ephemera: GEC Catalogues

From August 1957. The second GEC catalogue after the deletion of the Osram brand name, which happened on 2nd April 1956.  This sheet keeps the familiar blue and black design theme and layout style of the previous Osram sheets. Simple line drawings of valves and tubes are functional at best, dull when measured against most others. It also explains the consolidation of the brand names and the fact that valve boxes will remain with the same design - but new GEC logo.  Now listing eight germanium rectifiers and four transistors, which don't get a mention on the cover.

Manufacturers, Wholesale Only

The General Electric Co. Ltd.
Head Office: Magnet House, Kingsway, London WC2.
Telephone: TEMple Bar 8000 (90 lines)
Telegrams "Electricity, Westcent, London"
Cablegrams: "Polyphase, London"

Ref: OV. 3971. WSC, Printed in England.