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Valve Ephemera: Ferranti Catalogues

This Ferranti 1956 catalogue carries the yellow and blue theme of the valve boxes and logo of the time.  Showing some sample, leading-edge valves, in a CRT-shaped window is a pretty neat idea to get both product types across.  Big bold spots liven up the dull background.  Issued in August 1956, list FVT 456.

Ferranti Ltd
Works: Electronic Sales Department
Gem Mill, Chadderton,
Oldham, Lancashire.
Telephone MAIn 6661
Additional Works:
Hollingwood, Lancashire
Moston, Manchester 10.
Telephone:  FAIlsworth 2271/2071
Ferry Road, Edinburgh 5
Kings Cross Road, Dundee
London Office:
Kern House,
36 Kingsway. WC2
Additional Testing houses for tubes:
25 Winson Green Road, Birmingham,
Telephone: EDGbaston 0534
38 Rose Street, Edinburgh
Telephone: Edinburgh 30577
Ferranti House
41/47 Old Street, London EC1
Telephone: CLErkenwell 1261