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Valve Ephemera: Ediswan Factories

This 1958 photograph is from  part of the valve mass production assembly line at one of the Siemens Ediswan Sunderland Factories.

I count at least thirty lines of 14 workers - meaning there must have been at least 420 people in one room!  How did they all clock out?

I have seen exactly the same photograph in the 1964/5 Mazda data book captioned "Assembling Mazda valves at Sunderland "A" Factory"!  You can also see the same image on this link

A photograph from 1953 showing the rotary aluminizing [sic] plant at the Ediswan Brimsdown factory.

An unfortunately low quality photograph that doesn't show a great deal.  Presumably the aluminium is sputtered in the machine at the top right hand side.  Notice the goggles that are warn by the operators.

Another photograph from 1953, this time showing the Ediswan valve service department at Brimsdown.   It looks like this customer service department took the valve orders and processed the invoices.  Look at the massive filing section behind the staff - ah the days before computers!