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Valve Ephemera: Ediswan

This 1958 data booklet has quite a rich image using just two colours (red and black).  Half-tone shadow image of the cathode ray tube and modern valves, reversed out white front tube and transistor logo in the corner.  Up to date valve shape AND a transistor mean that Ediswan were definitely going for the path-leader image.
Large format (132pp), staggered index cut-outs and pictures of their factories and other components is impressive.
Siemens Edison Swan Ltd
An A.E.I. Company
155 Charing Cross Road
London WC2
Telephone Gerrard 8660

Ref: PD15/1899B
Printed in Great Britain, 30m.8.58

Six transistors and two germanium rectifiers listed.

This data booklet shows that in 1960 Ediswan was continuing to push the limits of design with a two-colour (blue and black) process.  The background represents the no-signal fuzz seen on a cathode ray tube.
The size of this booklet (164pp) is again, impressive.
Ediswan (Mazda)
Associated Electrical Industries Ltd
155 Charing Cross Road
London WC2
Telephone Gerrard 8660
Telgrams Sieswan, Westcent. London

Ref: PD15/1899D.20,000
Printed in Great Britain

24 transistors and one high power silicon rectifier listed.