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Valve Ephemera: Brimar Advertisements (1960-62)
Later adverts from Thorn-AEI Radio Valves & Tubes Ltd, Rochester, Kent.  Tel: Chatham 44411

December 1959 - VIP

VIP treatment for very important valves.  Shows factory to wholesaler by racing car, to retailer by plane and to home by boat with cute little Mr. Valve in the driving seat.


November 1960 - Better Make It

This advert had been used throughout 1960 - this latter edition is shown without the STC logo and address - just the plain Footscray location.  Orientated around the valve and teletube replacement business.  A July edition (with the STC logo) had the reference number 60/1MD.
January 1961 - Square dealer?

Swinging sixties or what!  Convincing you that using Brimar valves and teletubes will enhance your reputation as a dealer.  Plain Footscray address with no other logo.  Monochrome rather than black and red - saving money.
April 1961-Eyes wide Open?

The second "people image" advert, and what better than an innocent child?  Mentions dealer trust, judgement and faith.  However, the theme is never really used to its full, the punch line finishing with "For eye-opening value..."

"Better make it Brimar".

 "Better make it Brimar".  

 "Better make it Brimar".    "Better make it Brimar".  
September 1961 - Vital

Showing off their new reference manual (No.9) , boasting of 300 types of valves and teletubes, Twin Panel Teletubes, Design Data Service plus a section for home constructors with new and revised audio and stereo applications.  CV equivalent lists included.  Priced at six shillings.  Shows the Thorn-AEI address.
September 1961 - Just Published!

Sticking to the "information for dealers" theme, this advert of the same month shows there detailed catalogue and invites you to write of 'phone for a copy today.

January 1962 - Popular valves

About as plain as you can get - an advert devoted to reminding you of the availability of a list of products. EB91, ECC81/2/3, ECL80, EF80/91, EY51/86, PCC84, PCF80, PCL82, PL81, PY32/81/83 and 6BW7.

April 1962 - Helter-skelter

Very similar idea to the "VIP" advert of 1959.  Little valve men going from Brimar, through the wholesaler, retailer and to the customer (at the bottom queuing). Pun on a skyward-spiralling demand for their valves.

 "Vital Information Arranged for Instant Reference".   "For quality and consistency - better make it Brimar",
"Special Quality Valves".
"Better make it Brimar".   "Better make it Brimar".