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Valve Ephemera: Brimar Advertisements (1956)
All from Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd, Footscray, Sidcup, Kent. FOOtscray 3333

December 1955 -Boat

Mighty ocean greyhounds driven no doubt by atomic power, and controlled by electronic brains, will one day sail from our ports.
April 1956 - Rocket

Is this the space ship of tomorrow?  Scientists and engineers agree that some such travel is no mere dream and may become fact sooner than we know.
October 1956 - Space station

The immense developments of this present age are something to stir the imagination.  The satellite of our picture is not so far ahead and more momentous things will follow in its train.
December 1956 - Submarine

Like some monster from the deep the submarine of the future will range the oceans at levels unknown today.  New discoveries and new advances in many field of engineering (including that of electronics) will make it possible.
September 1956 -Space City

The rockets soaring skywards from the testing ground are but the forerunners of giants such as these.
Revolutionising the present...  Shaping the future...

This innovative series from 1956 commissioned bespoke drawings in the style of the "golden age" of science fiction.  Placing Brimar at the forefront of technology by association with the latest best-guess of future technology.  Great fun and so different from the surrounding adverts.  Notice the later use of the STC logo and the additional footer text "Reg. Office: 63 Aldwych, London WC2".  None of the examples I have can cope with the exacting colour registration of the small valve box logo, making it look awful.  Now both valves and "teletubes" are mentioned.