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Valve Ephemera: Brimar Advertisements
All from Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd, Footscray, Sidcup, Kent. FOOtscray 3333

Brimar ad Nov-50

1951 advert
April 1950 - Reception Tested

One of the "Quality Seal Reception Tested" series.  Main shot shows a valve tester rigged up to a radio chassis. Claims that every valve is plugged into a receiver, supplementing the static, dynamic, vibration and thermal shock tests.  Who where they trying to kid?
May 1950 - All-Dry Miniatures

One of the "Quality Seal Reception Tested" series.  Main shot around spring lambs, daffodils and "portable time".  In-chassis "noise and gain" tests claimed.
November 1950 - Do you know the equivalents?

Unusual advert simply charting the valves that a Brimar could replace.  Quotes types from Mullard, Marconi/Osram, Mazda and Cossor.

November 1951 - Manual No.4

For the princely sum of 5 shillings you could own this 224 page valve data manual.  Also included Brimistors, rectifiers, CRTs, circuits and the "Trustworthy" range of equivalents. 

Lists the 1R5, 1T4, 1S4, 1S5, 3S4 and 3V4 valves.
 "Better All Dry Miniatures".  "Look for the Seal".  "What Reception Tested Really Means".
"It's spring time, it's outdoor time, it's portable time".  "Reception tested". "All-dry miniatures".  "Now is the time to Brimarize". "Now is the Time to Brimarize"
"..the tiny tubes with 'big-valve' performance"
"Now is the Time to Brimarize"
Advert 1951

Brimar Advert 1951

July 1951 - Royal Festival Hall.

States that the Royal Festival Hall uses Brimar Valves.  As much an advert for Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd. which did the full equipment installation for the specialised sound reproduction system.  First use of the (new?) box format.  This ad was used as late as 1955.
December 1951 - Guides the Comet

Another in the series of impressive uses for Brimar valves, navigation equipment for the de Havilland Comet.

May 1951 - Aids cross-channel TV

Built around the recent Paris to London live television link, this advert proudly boast Brimar's involvement.  Pictures show the portable microwave link used to span the channel.
See more about TV links

"Now is the time to Brimarize"
"Your reputation as a radio engineer is safe"
"Now is the time to Brimarize"
"Your reputation as a radio engineer is safe"
"Now is the Time to Brimarize"
"Your reputation as a radio engineer is 100% safe"

April 1950 - Reception Tested

Pushing the boat out with a rare front cover colour advert.  This spring advert is full of bouncing lambs and daffodils.  Not only valves but Miniatures, Teletubes, Metal Rectifiers and Brimistors (resistors).
March 1951 - Aircraft Use Brimar

Another rare front cover colour advert.  Various valves shaped as a clock.
Uses aircraft as proof of reliability and standing of their valves and teletubes.
June 1952 - Brimarize

Focus on the repair of radios and the replacement with a Brimar valve.  Pushing types available with the left hand margin showing valve outlines.  The "more than ever" refers to the recession times in the electrical industry being experienced by dealers.
"You Brimarize when you use the comprehensive BRIMAR Service to stock and fit the range of Brimar products. " "Most of Britain's latest aircraft use Brimar Valves"!
"Now is the Time to Brimarize"
Lists the 7D3, 12AT7, 14S7 and 6L6G valves.  A February 1953 version of this advert listed 8D3, 6SN7GT and 807S7 valves.
"More than ever now is the time to Brimarize".