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Valve Ephemera: Brimar Boxes

Side 2Side 1Side 2Side 3

Side 2Side 1Side 2Side 3

1960's Valve box

You can't get more in your face than red and yellow.  Two-colour printing must have been cheaper as well - the earlier black being dropped.  Side three is a common 60's "client info panel" in halftone yellow.  Thermionic is a far more hip word than radio !  Some versions have an alternative Thorn logo with circular text around the "Thorn".

Early 1950's Valve box

Back to the 1950's. Bold colours, strong logo and wrap around design using three colours is in your face. Variable font-sized logo was obviously here to stay. Wordy guarantee panel is reminiscent of earlier days.  Estimated at around 1950's.