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Valve Data

There are plenty of excellent sites on the web giving very in-depth valve data, so I would rather concentrate around those valves that are of special interest, either historically or, based around the themes and items in this site.


GEC KT88 High power audio output valve - the successor to the famous KT66 in 1956
Cosmos Short Path AC Green Spot From 1927, this early indirectly heated AC valve was revolutionary.
Mullard ECL86 A new audio valve from 1961 by Mullard.
Mullard "U's for VHF" Series-operated 100mA B9A range - issued in 1954/5 to cope with the burgeoning VHF/FM demand as the UK goes high frequency. Used in the Bush VHF90 on this site and many other 1950 VHF radios. Data on the UABC80, UCC85, UCH81, UF89 and UY85 set of valves.
Osram 6.3V Series 6.3V miniature series issued in 1951 from Osram.  Data on the X79, W77, DH77, N78 and U78 set of valves.
Osram 'View Master' Series Set of valves recommended for the home built television enthusiast in 1952;  COvers the D77, KT61 and DH63 valves.
Unidyne K4 A rare 1924 valve that was only used for a brief period.