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Ultra Electric: Catalogues  T401, Loveliness by Ultra Radio

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

Size (approx): 25mm x 14.8mm (w,h)


6 pages in four colour process, the last two with black text only.  The printing quality is poor and appears to be stretching the colour print technology of the time.
Content: Three coloured plastic T401 radios in (pastel) green, red (with ivory fret) and cream. This radio was more conventionally offered in black and white (see T401
Basic Spec: 4 valve superhet, 3 wavebands, aeroplane dial. Mains only with indoor integrated aerial.
Age: c1946
Price: £15 15s 0d (plus purchase tax £3 7s 9d)
Company: Ultra Electric Ltd., Sales Dep., 62, Buckingham Gate, S.W.1. (London, England) L9/K.H.K. 46


My goodness, pushing the boat out with a full-colour brochure just after the war years.  I guess that was a must with a range of coloured radios.  However, this design was a radical change for Ultra and obviously pushing the boundaries of marketing material design - well done!  Why do I get the feeling that this is designed by a female?
Coloured bakelite had been tried in the past but the chemistry was much less stable and subject to cracks and degradation.  Painted plastics were also unsatisfactory.  I have found that these radios are quite rare, so they probably did not sell that well.  This is no surprise, as the idea is well ahead of its time - when everyone wanted walnut finishes on radios to match their décor.  Wait until the sixties guys!

Styled in April green, the modern choice... or the vivid hues of Cuban red, beside the fire... or Ivory cream... to blend with every room.

 The modern home demands colour combined with practical design and beauty, colour is the finishing touch, like roses... it brings cheerful warmth and dignity to any room... ULTRA has achieved this final touch of beauty, with fadeless coloured plastic cabinets combining loveliness and a NEW perfection of quality in performance and design.


This Ultra Model T401 is a 4 valve superhet, covering three wavebands, 16-50, 200-550, and 1000-2000 metres, with an illuminated dial which is calibrated and marked with station names.  Operating on A.C. mains 200-260 volts (40-100 cycles), it has a 5" moving coil loudspeaker capable of giving 2 watts output; this receiver has fully delayed automatic volume control and also incorporates a 20' indoor aerial.  housed in moulded plastics and available in colours of cream, pastel green or red with ivory fret, these cabinets are non-fade and non-stain.
Size 12" wide, 7" high, 6 5/8" deep, weight 12 lb.

Price - £15 15 0
Plus Purchase Tax £3 7 9