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Ultra Electrics:  Catalogues: 1938
This comprehensive radio catalogue from 1938 (designed by C. Vernon & Sons Ltd.) was simple, and politically incorrect: using images that show their radios are so easy to use that a child and a grandmother could easily operate them.  Press-button tuning was the main feature of their top-of-the-range radios and radiograms.  At this particular time in the development of radio, superhets had became standard, and there were few, if any, differences in the circuit used from a large range of equipment on sale.  Mechanical aids, magic eyes and claims of greater high fidelity were the staple selling tools of the radio manufacturer. Issued by: Ultra Electric Ltd., Western Avenue, Acton, London W3.

Front cover with "Ultra Radio: Radios Richest Voice" logo

Typical catalogue page: The Ultra 400

Young girl uses the Ultra 203 with press button tuning

Granny uses the Ultra 209 with press button tuning

This Modern Age ......
A hundred years of transport development - from sedan chair to helicopter, from laborious and hazardous cross-channel sailing to a 90 hour World flight - have not surpassed the progress of Radio in a fifth of the time.  During the whole of the period ULTRA has marched in the forefront of progress, building an illustrious record of technical invention and achievement.

To-day ULTRA makes perhaps its biggest stride.  Study the pages of this booklet, reflect upon the miracle of Press Button Tuning and its associated refinements, and judge whether your home should be without this musical instrument par excellence - ULTRA MODERN RADIO.

Ultra Authorised Dealer - Look for the sign in dealer's Windows
Under the Safeguarding policy established by Ultra this year, the Ultra models in this booklet will only be obtainable through those retailers who have received the appointment of AUTHORISED ULTRA DEALER.  Every one of these dealers has been carefully chosen by use in your interest, and you confidently approach your local Authorised Ultra Dealer with the knowledge that he is pledged to the Ultra tradition of service.  A similar limitation of retailers has been planned for the distribution of Ultra Television models, and a separate folder will be found to deal with this part of Ultra Progress.
Press Button Tuning
The success of a Press Button tuning system depends entirely on two factors.  Firstly the soundness of general design and quality of components employed.  This is ensured by ULTRA'S painstaking care at every stage of production and thorough testing before any receiver leaves the Works.  Secondly there is the inescapable fact that apart from variation in local tuning conditions, even the best of receivers may in the course of long periods undergo technical changes which, however slight, affect tuning capacity.  If, therefore, the Press Button listener is not to suffer loss of quality under such circumstances it is essential to provide simple re-trimming facilities whereby the "spot" tuning may be checked at intervals (say two or three months). Every ULTRA Press Button receiver includes these facilities, and their simple operation will become evident to the least skilled owner after a few minutes' study.