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Metal Puzzles: HPG (I suspect) 6 puzzle, type 4
Undated (195?) set of the puzzles.

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

Box of six metal puzzles consisting of lid and base in three colour printed card.  Approximately 143mm x 117m x 22m (w x h x d) with an internal stapled framework of white card making six compartments: two large oblongs and four small squares.  

Instructions are printed on the uncoloured card tray.

No manufacturer's name (suspect HPG as the instructions are very similar).  No country of origin.

High quality set with good variation.

From the image design and printing quality this looks like early 1950s - any information would be most helpful.  

Instructions Comments

The Strong Man Puzzle
The object is to get both rings together.  This is done by starting with the rings hanging in front of the mouth on two loops.  Then grasp the two strings behind the mouth and pull together.  This will bring a loop through the back of the mouth through which pass one ring to join the other. 

Type 3 Puzzle: Rings on string keyhole manoeuvre

Position the string by feeding it variously through the mouth opening to unlock the path of connection.

"The Spring and Ring" Puzzle
Hold spring in the left hand, place the ring over the right hand end and let it hang freely on a coil.  Then give it a fairly strong twist to the left - it is then locked on the spring, and cannot be removed without a twist in the opposite direction. 

Type 4 puzzle. Spring and single circle twisted manoeuvre.  

However, modern versions of this puzzle also allow for a flip of the ring over one end of the spring - making it a double puzzle.

"Pigtail" Puzzle
Hold the two parts by the small loop with the ends of the Pigtails pointing upwards (one in each hand.)  Bring the loops down together then pass the right hand one in front of the other and continue with an upward and backward twist, when they will come apart.

Type 1 puzzle. Long-armed crossed-circle diagonal pass-through.  Simple variation on the two crossed-circle above. Line up the two linear gaps at 90 degrees and pull apart.
Three Links
To separate the links allow the join of one link to slide into the join of the next and slip off.  Repeat for the third link.
Type 1 puzzle. Triple paperclip diagonal pass-through.  Basic shapes with simple separation. Line up the two linear gaps at 90 degrees and pull apart, again and again.

Triangle and Rings
To remove the two rings place the small ring diagonally in the larger ring.  This will permit one leg of the triangle to slip completely through the small ring, which will release both rings.  To replace reverse the operation.

Type 2 puzzle. Locked in shape.  The small ring is held on the V-shaped holder, seemingly locked in place by a bigger ring which it cannot go though.

To solve gather both rings together and get the large ring to go over one end of the retainer - it will then become obvious.

"Two Nails" Puzzle
To solve this ingenious puzzle hold the head of each nail between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, then cross the right to the left and the left to the right, by a little twisting and manipulation the two nails may now be made to draw apart.

Type 4 puzzle. Two distorted nails in a twisted manoeuvre pass-through.  Familiar item shapes with simple separation. Line up the two linear gaps at 90 degrees and pull/twist apart.

I don't fully agree with their description and find it easier to hold the sharp ends of the nails.