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Metal Puzzles: Chad Valley 4
Undated (195?) set of metal puzzles

(c) Emil Dudek 2011

Box of four metal puzzles consisting of lid and base in three spot colour printed card.  Approximately 154mm x 101mm x 21mm (w x h x d), red base and internal cardboard separators forming four compartments. These consist of three small square and one full width.

Text only instructions are included on a four page manual in English, French and German.

Chad Valley, made in England, No.9896.

Good quality set with good variation.

My example has "3/3" pencilled on the front which would imply the the original price was 3 shillings and 3 pence (3s 3d, which today would be 0.1625).


Chad Valley Instructions


Spring and Ring
Take the spring in the left hand and ring in thumb and finger of right hand.  Twist ring away from you and it will then pass over the spring.

Type 4 puzzle. Spring and single circle twisted manoeuvre.  

However, modern versions of this puzzle also allow for a flip of the ring over one end of the spring - making it a double puzzle.


Heart and Anchor
Hold the large ring upright with the centre Loops pointing downwards and with the Anchor piece and Ring hanging from the centre Loop.  Slide the ring up onto the centre Loop of the large Ring and the other piece can then be detached.

Type 2 puzzle. Locked in shape.  The small ring is held on the V-shaped holder, seemingly locked in place by a bigger ring which it cannot go though.


Triangle and two loops
Manipulate the puzzle so that the two loops are placed one in the pointed corner of the Triangle and the other along the opposite side.  They will then slide apart along their parallel legs.  The Loops will slide of the triangle by sliding them along their legs.

Type 1 puzzle. Triple paperclip diagonal pass-through.  Basic shapes with simple separation. Line up the two linear gaps at 90 degrees and pull apart, again and again.

Bar and Six Rings
The object of this puzzle is to free the large oval Loop.  Holding the puzzle by the long Loop in the left hand, number the Rings from left to right. Take off Rings No.1 and 2 by lifting them over the bar and dropping through Loop.  Take off No.4 Ring by the same method. Replace Rings No.1 and 2.  Take off Rings No.1 and 3.  Replace Ring 1. Take off Rings No.1 and 2.  The end Ring No.6 can then be removed.  Replace all rings Nos.1 to 5 and commence again with Ring No.1 as above.  repeat these movements until all rings are removed.

Type 2 puzzle. Locked in shape.  The large loop is held on the bard holder, seemingly locked in place by a smaller rings which it cannot go though.

I am actually still trying to undo this one as the description is so complex!  I wonder why they dropped this puzzle?!