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History of Vintage Technology and Home Entertainment in the UK
In order to get a better understanding of Vintage Technology you should learn something about the history behind the industries, homes, government and people involved in home entertainment and technology.  To this end you will find numerous articles on a wide variety of subjects delivered in bite-sized lumps so as not to bore you to death.  Don't forget that the section Companies on this site explores the history of individual organizations. Bric-a-brac, Domestic and "Hit or Miss" contains historical information about particular artefacts.

There are four types of articles;

Archive: Direct copies of previously published material copied here due to their importance (see copyright notice in Author page)
Research: Combines excerpts from material with interpretation and associated information
Original: Pure research or even perhaps speculation
Listings: Tables of data pulled from multiple sources gathered together in one place for analysis of trends


Title Type Comment
History of the Welsh or South Wales area in the UK

Retailers in Abergavenny and Newport Archive A lovely snap-shot of a retailers life from 1953.
TV comes to South Wales Archive Details from the Dealer's Conference as the major TV transmissions start from Wenvoe in August 15 1952
Wenvoe History Archive Snippets of information about this major transmitting site in South Wales.
ECA & S. Wales EB Conference Archive A snapshot in time when two organisation got together for a day - from December 1951
Vintage Technology in South Wales 1950
Vintage Technology in South Wales 1951
Vintage Technology in South Wales 1952

Vintage Technology in South Wales 1953-5

Vintage Technology in South Wales 1956

Vintage Technology in South Wales 1959

Vintage Technology in South Wales 1960

Vintage Technology in South Wales 1961
Vintage Technology in South Wales 1962
Research Vintage Technology anecdotes concerning the South Wales area of the UK from "The Wireless and Electrical Trader"
Radio and TV Licence Count in Wales List Showing the change from radio to TV as the main form of home entertainment in Wales.
First Count of Shops in Wales List From the Board of Trade 1950 census - the number of shops in Wales.
History of the Technology in the UK
Wage Rates for Engineers Archive Information from the Joint Standing Committee of 1951.
Decca Issue the LP Archive Article announcing the new 33 1/3 rpm LP records of 1951
First International TV Hook-up Archive Details of the Franco-British TV hook-up in July 1952
First British Portable Transistor Radio Archive The Pam Model 710 from 1956 - the very first British transistor radio