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 Some of the great sites around that I would highly recommend.

Site link Author Comment Checked

Slightly off the wall or unrelated sites that I've enjoyed loads

Mike Hurley Mike Hurley Music, musical support, gig and equipment set-up, bass and general live music support, music videos and radio exposure.  Phew - doesn't get much more extensive than that! Sep 2011
nervoussquirrel David Cranmer Jaw-dropping sculpture using vintage calculators mixed with themes of vintage mechanics, astronomy and Greco-Victoriana.  My second favourite sculptor after Paula Nolan. May 2011
Music: Rebecca Hollweg Corporate Call it country, soft rock, soul, whatever, def worth a few pennies to hear Sep 2010
www.miniorgan.com Eric German site (in English) all about 1970s/80s electronic musical toys - excellent niche! Excellent images. Nov 09
DMC Grover This is the very funny Dull Men's Club - check it out!!! Oct 09
Simply Switch On Paul Linnell Fabulous vintage electrical technology museum of the 20th Century home gadgets.  July 2009
Giorgio's Life In Electronics Giogrgio Cicerchia Friendly Italian who has documented his  years by his technology collection Apr 2008
Collectors Weekly Dave Margulius Have awarded this site in their "Hall of Fame" section - thanks.  Worth a browse as it is stuffed with collections that you would never of dreamed of - cool or what!  ... or is it nerdy? Jan 2008
Flickr.com Rubens Rodrigues Has done a lovely graphic-art drawing of an Omron calculator Jan 2008
Retrothing.com James Grahame The Independent Guide to Vintage Technology: nicely designed site that covers vintage and gorgeous looking technology - well worth a good long browse. Dec 2009
Mike's Electric Stuff Mike Harrison Fabulous site stuffed with great images of glass technology, plasma experiments and all sorts of interesting stuff.  Mike was kind enough to let me have the counting animation of a nixie tube for the calculator pages. Aug 2010
mb21 The Wirelist Mike Brown TV, transmitters, teletext, news and jokes galore Dec 2009
Loco Fonic Gary Yates Gary (from Australia) has a passing interest in vintage radio, but his real passion is steam trains.  Check out this lovely site full of facts but well annotated. Mar 2005

Vintage Calculator sites

Photobucket (1) (2) (3) (4) Michael Meissner An image library created from years of astounding work examining Mechanical and Electronic calculator - a real feast to browse through from Germany. Feb 2012
EEC Brent Hilpert Stunning levels of useful detail and fabulous images - radios too! Dec 2010
Soemtron Calculator Collection Mike Hatch Excellent in-depth information about these 1960s calculators - a real feast! Nov 2010
Programmable Calculators Viktor Toth Marvellous site that concentrates on programmable calculators but covers many other things too. - thought I already had this on my links as I use it often, my error. Aug 2010
Wass.net Katie Wasserman Loads and loads of free .pdf vintage calculator manuals.  I'm not overly happy about this as I sell manuals - but hey-ho ;-) Aug 2010
My Calculator Database Phillipe French/English site with extensive database and useful search attributes.  Quite good background information as well. Aug 2010
Soviet Calculators Sergei Frolov Excellent museum of Russian calculators and loads of fascinating information and pictures of St Petersburg if you want to explore more Aug 2010
Calculator Technical Information
Mike Sebastian
Loads of Technical info and forensics/bug analysis and info on ICs (chips).  Very well done and a Triple-A site. Aug 2010
Vintage Calculators Nigel Tout British site that carries on the Complete Collector's Guide to Pocket  Calculators - and more.  Incredibly extensive site that I refer to time and time again. Aug 2010
J?rn's Online Museum Dr. J?rn L?tjens German site that has a very in-depth section on Aristo Calculators, whilst his main interest is in slide rules. Aug 2010
Calculator Museum Hans Bloemen Fabulous Dutch calculator site with some very interesting mainland European brands.  A must for any collector and a very nice guy. Aug 2010
Anita Calculators Nigel Tout Associated site to the above that explored Anita / Bell Punch calculators in greater detail. Aug 2010
John Wolff's Museum John Wolff Excellent Australian site on mechanical and electronic calculators - with particularly good sections on HP, Canon and Sharp. Aug 2010
The Old Calculator web Museum Rick Bensene If you are interested in early desktop calculators this is a great site. Aug 2010
Datamath Joerg Woerner Specialises in Texas calculators and ICs - which means it covers a broad range.  Very thorough research. Aug 2010
The Museum of HP Calculators David Hicks HP Calcs in incredible detail.  Aug 2010
Ernst Mulder's Calculators Ernst Mulder Nice details and images - focus on HP Calcs but covers loads of others as well - especially programmable ones.  Aug 2010
Be-Calc Serge Devidts The ultimate list of calculators - everyone known list is very useful.  Selected good details on a large number of makes. Aug 2010
Decode Systems Dan Veeneman Broad site with a great calculator section Aug 2010
X-Number James Redin Plenty of historical articles and good coverage of  mechanical calculators - list of collectors is useful Aug 2010
Museum of Pocket Calculators Gerhard Wenzel German site (in English) with thousands of calculators. A great reference, especially for European calcs.  Look out for his classification tree. Aug 2010
Tony's Calculator Collection Tony Nice German/English site with lots of images and good detail Aug 2010
Casio History Corporate Fabulous in-depth history of Casio Aug 2010
Dentaku Museum
Shinichiro Osaki
Although mostly Japanese, this is a fabulous site for calculators, their history and adverts with loads of additional information Auf 2010

Vintage Radio (wireless) and Technology sites which may have extra bits and pieces

Pam and Pamphonic Jeremy Owen Stuffed full of great historical data - 5-star site Mar 2012
VintageRadio.com Jon Hall Start-up with free forum, classified adverts, blog and articles - Good Luck! Aug 2010
Collectics Karen Lee Great directory of collector's sites for Antiques and Collectibles Aug 2010
British Vintage Wireless Society Organisation A must for any radio collector in the UK.  Details about subscriptions and forthcoming events. Mar 2006
Richards Radios Richard Allan Site stuffed with radios, telephones, test equipment and miscellaneous pieces of vintage technology.  Useful repair information  Mar 2005
Vintage Communication Pages Jim Beacon Clocks, radios, military, telephones. television, recording, novelty and test equipment  site - what a lot phew! Mar 2005
Classic Microphones Larry Killip   Section of Larry's site in New  Zealand that has loads of Microphones. Mar 2005
Old Time Supplies Commercial Sells information, components, books and all sorts of bits and pieces Mar 2005
Radio Museum Ernst Erb German site that has great ambitions - good luck! Mar 2005
Radio Memories Brian Maley A fellow follower of Rental Radio (having worked at Radio Rentals) this site is worth checking out.  Even has a china ornament section. Mar 2005
On the Air Organisation Lovely magazine backed up with an equally lovely site.  Sells a wide range of well priced radios and plenty of extra goodies. Mar 2005
Radiocraft Steve Ostler Contains a very extensive directory of Vintage Services, items for sale and bags of information Mar 2005
Valve Radios and Clocks Chris Whiting Close to my own heart - a wide mixture of vintage radios and clocks.  Put your speakers on! Mar 2005
Early Wireless    Lorne Clarke Nicely revamped site covering crystal sets, valves, components, BBC stamps and valves for sale - who could ask for more? Mar 2005
The Wireless Works Organisation Sells untouched and restored radios with an excellent reference section. Mar 2005
The Vintage Radio Emporium David Southworth Sophisticated site with chat rooms, e-cards and all.  Strong on crystal sets and sells books and circuit data. Mar 2005
Vintage Radio World Tony Thompson Lots of info on restoration, valves and components.  Tony sells his circuit diagrams and restorations services from this site. Jul 2005
Vintage Radio Database Martin Francis Martin is in Canada but his site is full of British radios from when he lived here.  Loads and loads of great images and smarties too. Mar 2005

Vintage Technology/UK History sites

The Art Deco Emporium
Ken Start-up with great refurbished Bakelite switches and loads of other stuff - Good Luck! Jul 2012
Scantips.com Wayne Fulton Very in-depth site on all things scanning.  Many of the images on this site are created with a scanner, and this site gives you all the info you would ever need. Sep 2007
Museum of Computing Organisation Not just a web site but a physical museum in Bath dedicated to the history of computing and digital development - lectures etc... Apr 2005
Marconi History Company In-depth history of Marconi and GEC Mar 2005
Wolverhampton History Organisation Nice general history site with a great section on Electrical stuff and memories of days gone by - nice content about Ever Ready Radio. Mar 2005
TV History Tom Genova A fabulous site absolutely crammed with information about TV history - if you have even the slightest interest in TV then use this as a great place to learn. Mar 2005
Collectable Phones Connell Blackett UK site with collectable vintage telephones for sale (I have no experience of purchasing) Nov 2005

Other web  sites that I have found useful

Supanames Company This is the web site host I use, and pretty good they are.  For a small fee they will register your chosen URL and host your site with some excellent site management tools. now
Snacktime Company Supplied FREE vending machines which are fully serviced and maintained at no cost.  They make their money from the takings so you have no worries and hassles.  Installations form small to large companies. Mar 2007