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Guest book 2002-10 (under construction)

I am well behind with this page and have loads of useful emails to put on - bare with me, my new resolution is to sort this out!

One nice thing about running a web site is the numerous emails you get from people interested in the same things as you.  Aside from the "how much is it worth" requests I get some very useful information and some lovely stories that add depth to the dry images and descriptions of Vintage Technology.  Please be aware that your email to me could end up in this page without your specific request not to (please request removal if offended, or just want your name removed).   Comments in [] are edited out by me as some items are too sensitive to put on the web.

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Name: Georg Sch÷n
Loc:   Germany
Date:   December 2009
Subject: Radio Voltmeters
Link: Radio Voltmeters
URL:   None
Msg:  D.R.P isn't not the manufacturer, this means plainly: Deutsches Reich Patent.
The manufacturer of this instrument is Neuberger, well known for Valve Testers.
Reply: Thank you VERY much for that Information - I will correct my entries - that is so helpful!!!
Reply: (ah that explains the two numbers and the big "N" symbol - dooh!)





Name: Joe Abdilla
Loc:   Malta
Date:   August 2008
Subject: BEAUTIFUL SITE !!! (Brimarize)
Link: Brimar
Msg:  Hello Emil, I'm a guy from Malta who came across your site while doing a search on Brimar. Very WELLL DONE!!! Beautifully laid out your site is indeed a pleasure to surf.
I would like to ask you a question about the "Brimarize Sheet No." mentioned in the Substitution List of the Brimar Manual - mine is No.6. Apparently Brimar published a series of Sheets which however do not feature in the Manual.
I made a search on 'Brimarize' and got only one link to the diyaudio.com forum (which I visit often, as I'm interested in audio.) Then I tried just 'Brimar' and voila' got to your site.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Joe Abdilla
Reply: Hello Joe
Thanks for your email and kind words.
I do not have any Brimarize sheets - sounds like a "how to convert the valve to a Brimar one that isn't an exact plug-in" instruction. I do recall having heard it before, however. What sort of date were these about? That would help me try and look it up.
Reply: Hi Emil,
Yes, it seems that is what "Brimarizing" basically means. As to their date, the manual I have (No. 6) has no print date. However, the price list at the end of the book says it is effective as from July 1956. Interestingly, there is a 3-page section on Transistors featuring types TJ1, TJ2, TJ3; and TP1, TP2, all referred to as "Germanium Crystal Triodes" !!
Hope this helps. Thanks and best regards,
Joe A

Name: RenÚ Liebscher 
Loc:   Germany
Date:   July 2008
Subject: Date codes on GDR chips
Link: RFT MR201
URL:   http://www.elektron-bbs.de/elektronik/tabellen/datum.htm
Msg:  Hi Emil,
I just found your page about calculators.
For the GDR model MR 201 you obviously guess only about date codes. 
Ok, here some little help with this.
The first letter is the year, the second is the month. See also this page http://www.elektron-bbs.de/elektronik/tabellen/datum.htm It is in German, but the names of months aren't that different ;-)
Kind regards
RenÚ Liebscher
Reply: Thanks for that - really useful - I will correct the entry and put a link to this page.

Name: David Mitchell
Loc:   Devon, UK
Date:   March 2008
Subject: CBM/Commodore calculator
Link: Commodore 776M

Hi, Emil
Way back in 1975 I bought a Commodore 776M calculator.  I got it in a shop called Cavendish House in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and it cost ú7.95 with 19p extra for the battery.   I know all this because I still have the receipt (I am sad enough to keep receipts for almost everything I have, however old).  Although it only has limited functions and is rather slow at processing, at the time it was something marvellous.  Apart from replacing batteries it has never failed and is used regularly.  For a long time I have been meaning to see if the company is still going, is the calculator rare, etc.  I have now found that it is not rare, but it is still interesting to see the history of it with all the details.  I saw on another website that there was a users manual, but I do not remember getting one.  One interesting point; you say under Manufacture that they were made in USA; mine says on the back 'Made in United Kingdom'; (Serial No. 04338).  
Thanks for the info



Hello David, thank for your email and memories. 
The 776M was indeed quite common as it was good value for money in a rapidly growing market. 
The example I have is made in the USA, whilst some were made (or really assembled) in the UK, to keep import duties down.  Earlier ones (or imported ones) will be USA.  Even later calcs were made in Mexico.  The serial number of your is probably a different sequence then from my sample. 
Interesting that you say there was no manual.  Did they also dispense with this to save further costs I wonder?