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Vintage Technology: Copyright, rights, safety and issues

All images and most text is Emil J. Dudek 2002-2012,.  

After seeing considerable abuse of the information on this site Ebay sellers MAY NOT use text or images from this site.  If you do I will report you to Ebay for copyright infringement. 

Images on this site are my copyright and cannot be used in any way without my written permission.  Please remember that an image of a calculator may have involved several hours of Photoshop work to get a clean image.  If you copy any images without permission to post on a web site or publish in any other way I will start legal proceedings.

Please do not stream large quantities of data from this site.  I pay for a limited bandwidth, so if you have a web crawler or page-lifter you will cause this site to go down and I then have to pay to get it reinstated.

Whilst the author has made every endeavour to create entries that contain correct information, there may be errors or historical ambiguities, for which the author cannot be held liable.  

The author acknowledges all inherent copyright in scanned images of material, text of  brochures, boxes, advertisements, articles and cartoons and in no way wishes to infringe existing copyrights, trademarks or articles of intellectual property.  The author wishes to make clear that use of such material is solely for the study of vintage technology history and is in no way used for commercial gain, personal profit or standing.  

If anyone believes that these rights are being violated, or has right cause to object to such usage, the author ensures that communication by email  will cause the removal of offending material and the publishing of a defined apology.  In such cases the author can not accept liability for any costs incurred due to the use of the material or such objection as it is considered that possession of ownership be reasonably beyond diligent research.  

Many of the items listed in this site do not meet current electrical safety standards and so the author cannot be held liable for injuries resulting from such activities as, but not limited to: investigation, opening, powering-up, repairing or reverse-engineering listed (or associated) items of this website.

Please remember the aim of this site is to include as much obscure information as possible about items of vintage technology.  This is made all the more interesting by adding adverts, reviews, descriptions and images.  A museum should be informative as possible - and that's the philosophy taken with my entries.  Surely, it has to be worth it?