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Vintage Technology: For Sale: Manuals

Items for sale by Vintage-Technology.

Though there are a number of free sources of manuals on the web, "cleaned and processed" will mean the clearest possible copy.

These are supplied as colour and black and white .pdf files at a cost listed below.  See terms and conditions in the For Sale section.  Quick and easy summary: just "paypal" me the amount listed and it is on the way to you by email!  

Please do not redistribute, re-sell or post manuals on the internet as whilst I do not own the copyright, I do own the effort put into scanning them.   If you are ebaying a calculator I would prefer you to put a link to my site saying "electronic manual available from Vintage-Technology.info". I hope you will agree it is worth paying a little money so that I can fund more calculator buying and database building - thank you.

Please note that sometimes the manuals will be in quite poor condition, so some free manuals are shown below to show you  bad cases.  Generally, the condition is only flagged if it is not "good".  Blank pages are usually not scanned, and file sizes can be quite big as they are scanned at 300 dpi.  Very large manuals are split into several files, which will be emailed to you in separate emails if you have inbox limitations.  You will need Adobe Acrobat .pdf reader to view these files.

If you have bought one of these calculators from me - then please let me know if you want one of these scans, as they will be sent free of charge - to save you the effort.

Vintage Technology Calculator Manuals: (Bedienungsanleitung, Manuel de Fonctionnement, Manual de Operacion)
(Elektronischen Taschenrechners, Calclatrice electronique de poche, calculador electronico de bolsillo)


Description Size Price


Abatron 803 21 pages: English 1,530KB £1.00
Accuron 831 6 page: English - quite creased 730KB £1.00
Adler 81 18 pages: English, German, French & Spanish, creases 1,584KB £1.00
Adman L-0830T 3 Pages: English, poor condition 280KB Free
American 1776 2 page: English 216KB £1.00
APF Mark 40 12 pages: English 1,321KB £1.00
APF Mark 42 18 pages: English 1,321KB £1.00
Aristo M85 49 pages: German 6,390KB £1.00
Binatone Junior Slide Rule 11 pages: English, bad creases 831KB £1.00
Binatone Mastermind 02/4503 4 pages: English, very poor, torn 246KB Free
Calfax 890P 11 pages: English, cleaned and processed 5,171KB £3.00
Canon Palmtronic LE-83 8 pages + 1 addendum: English 1,100KB £1.00
Casio 101-MR 16 pages: English (cleaned and processed) 10,162KB £3.00
Casio Biolator (H-801) 20 pages: English, cleaned and processed 9.584KB £3.00
Casio CM-607 (Personal Mini) 12 pages: English, bad creases 1,324KB £1.00
Casio FX-29 32 pages: English and Spanish 3,835KB £1.00
Casio FX-31 30 pages: English and Spanish, cleaned and processed 17,898KB £3.00
Casio FX-39A Split over four files as it is so large: English and Spanish (Espagnol Manuel) 4,760KB £1.00
Casio Memory A-1 (H-814) 19 pages: English, German, French, Spanish, a little grubby 1,793KB £1.00
Commodore GL-770D
Commodore GL-774D
Commodore GL-776D
Commodore GL-776M
Commodore GL-976MD
Commodore GL-979D
16 pages: English multi-model manual 1,788KB £1.00
Commodore SR8120D
Commodore 8140D
Commodore 890D
34 pages: English. some edges a bit tatty, multi-model manual 3,417KB £1.00
Colex/Busicom 812-SL
Colex 812
16 pages: English 1,398KB £1.00
Compex Blackjack 10 pages: English (minor writing) 1,004KB £1.00
Corvus 415 26 pages: English - every paged cleaned up and processed 23,835KB £3.00
(VIP Programs) Datacal II 18 pages: English 2,335KB £1.00
Decimo Memory Man 7 pages: English 1,099KB £1.00
Decimo Super Vatman M (type I)
Decimo Super Vatman (type 4)
8 pages: English, processed 11,384KB £3.00
Decimo Vatman (type 1) 8 pages: English, processed and addition two page Guarantee sheet 11,473KB £3.00
Decimo Vatman X 9 pages, English, processed and cleaned 8,520KB £3.00
Electronic Resources Memory Master 23 pages: English 1,549KB £1.00
Electronic Resources Memory Master M 24 pages: English, some creases 1,356KB £1.00
Hanimex BC 08L 24 page English (some minor green ink marks on last four pages) 2,803KB £1.00
Hanimex BCM 368 11 pages: German 768KB £1.00
Hanimex ESR800 16 pages: English (with corrective sticker) cleaned up and processed 6,997KB £2.00
Hitachi KK221B (KK-221B) 16 pages, colour: English cleaned up and processed 15,907KB £3.00
Homeland 810 10 pages: English 896KB £1.00
Interton PC2008
Interton PC2010
23 pages: German 11,687KB £1.00
Invicta Electronic Mastermind 12 pages: mulit-lingual cleaned and processed 13.6MB £2.00
Kosmos 1 53 pages: English colour processed and cleaned
Free of charge is an additional scan of the original Warranty card: 4 pages 1,388KB
48,661KB £5.00
Kovac 858M 16 pages: English  1,815KB £1.00
Kovac K-80D 5 pages: English, processed 8,247KB £2.00
Litton Monroe M1220 15 pages: English, processed 9,195KB £2.00
Lloyd's Accumatic 200 (EH-6818) 1 Page: English cover cheat sheet 126KB free
Lloytron E305 255A 8 pages: English 1,092KB £1.00
Lloytron E305 255A 8 pages: French (warranty page in English) (Français Manuel) 1,116KB £1.00
MBO 3010 13 pages: German and English 995KB £1.00
MD2 888m (V1) 4 pages: English 371KB £1.00
National Semiconductor NS750/850A/835 9 pages English 826KB £1.00
Novus 650 and Novus 950 Main manual: 30 pages (two double) English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
Processed and cleaned
Trouble Shooting Tips:  13 pages, ditto, not cleaned

Prefect MG-8M 16 pages: English - pages cleaned and processed 4,970KB £3.00
Prinztronic 8000 4 pages: English cleaned 1,013KB £1.00
Prinztronic C15 17 pages colour: English included large addendum sheet - pages cleaned and processed, three original errors left unmarked. 17,913KB £3.00
Prinztronic MC95 38 pages colour: English - pages cleaned and processed 66,315K £5.00
Prinztronic MC100 38 pages colour: English - pages cleaned and processed 46,493 £5.00
Prinztronic Micro 14 pages colour: English - pages cleaned and processed 19,388KB £3.00
Prinztronic Powerman (SL-910) 6 pages: English 3,444KB £2.00
Prinztronic Program 34 pages: English, processed 38,387KB £3.00
Prinztronic SR88M (type 1) 8 pages: English, processed 4,219KB £1.00
Prinztronic SR99M (type 1) 15 pages: English processed 7,792KB £3.00
Prinztronic SR99M (type 4) 15 pages: English processed 6,795KB £3.00
Prinztronic X15 (type 1) 4 pages: English, processed (actually two long sides chopped up) 3,471KB £1.00
Plustron 636 6 pages: English, very creased 1,016K £1.00
Plustron 808 13 pages: English 729KB £1.00
Radio Shack (Tandy) Astro
(clone of Kosmos Astro)
54 pages: English, processed 41,112KB £5.00
Rapid Data Rapidman 812 16 pages: English half of manual, minor writing 2,745KB £1.00
Rockwell 8R/18R 16 pages: English, French, German, Spanish 2,147KB £1.00
Rockwell 20R 52 pages: English 4,700KB £1.00
Rockwell 22K 24 pages: English, French, German, Spanish 2,410KB £1.00
Sanyo 8018 22 pages: English extracted from English/German 2,225KB £1.00
Sanyo 8031 8 pages: English 995KB £1.00
Scientec XS-5297 6 pages: English, a little worn 794KB £1.00
Sharp Elsimate EL-209 6 pages: English 646KB £1.00
Sharp Elsimate EL-215 8 pages: English 810KB £1.00
Sharp Elsimate EL-8016S 29 pages: English, French, German. Spanish - pages cleaned and processed 27,700KB £3.00
Sinclair Cambridge Memory 1 page: English, large format 500KB £1.00
Sinclair Oxford 200 (1977) 29 pages: English, French, German, colour  - pages cleaned and processed 28,411KB £5.00
Sinclair Scientific Programmable 22 pages: English B/W  - pages cleaned and processed 8,637KB £3.00
Sinclair Scientific Programmable 95 pages: English B/W - missing pages 9,26,43 - pages cleaned and processed 48,675KB £10.00
Sperry Remington 825-GT 12 pages: English (also covers the Casio 801MR clone) 2,426KB £1.00
Tealtronic SM* (SM-8) 8 pages, English, processed and cleaned 5,594KB £3.00
Texas Instruments TI-33 26 pages: English from European manual, poor quality and alignment, includes page 8 erratum 3,608KB free
Texas Instruments TI-1000/1025/1050 7 pages: English from European manual, poor alignment and some poor focus 1,229KB free
Texet 880 4 pages: English 1,668KB £1.00
Texet 880A 4 pages: English 276KB £1.00
Texet Pocket-8M 8 page: English, manual in poor condition 789KB free
Tokatron Tokatron 9 pages: English, colour, processed and cleaned or see a thee-page example 3,179KB £1.00
Toshiba BC-815 8 pages: English 1,269KB £1.00
Trend II 2 long pages: English and German 857KB £1.00
Unitrex 1640 10 pages: English 838KB £1.00
Universal 931 5 pages: English 331KB £1.00

Please email me (on the above "Author" link) to order a copy of any of the manuals listed.