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Vintage Technology Events in 2004

You should go to these to buy and sell vintage technology stuff!!
I am not connected in any way to these events - I have just listed them for your information.  Please note the correction to the Radiophile events below.

Name Date Comment Contact
BVWS meetings Only Open to members - go on, join!
Southborough 17th Oct 2004 Major Swapmeet and auction BVWS
Harpenden 21st Nov 2004 Central Swapmeet and auction BVWS
Wootton Bassett, Swindon 5th Dec 2004 Great local event with mince pies ! BVWS
Vintage Technology Fair Open to everyone
Haydock Park 12th Mar 2004 All things vintage gathering Vintage Technology Fair
NVCF Show Open to everyone, run by BVWS
Autumn show at the NEC 10th Oct 2004 Extensive event for VT, telephones, gramophones, TV, jukeboxes etc...
Radiophile meetings Open to Radiophile Subscribers only Email me
Big Apologies to Chas Miller of the Radiophile as my previous information stated that these events were open to subscribers only.  They are open to everyone - and very well worth going to for their excellent format, friendly atmosphere and goodies to collect.  
Wetwood Auction 11th Sep 2004 Auction at Wetwood on Sunday, Sept. 11th. Over 500 lots including the stock from an old-established but now closed radio store, including radio sets from the 1920s - 1970s, TV sets from 1929 - yes, a genuine Baird televisor with excellent provenance - 1960s. Also much audio equipment including a prototype Williamson amplifier with six KT66s in parallel push-pull built by Mr. Williamson himself. Go There!
Shifnal Exposition 3rd Oct 2004 Swapmeet and auction Email me
Cowbit Exposition 17th Oct 2004 Local swapmeet and auction Email me
Wetwood Auction 14th Nov 2004 Great big auction - go spend some money! Email me
Wetwood Auction 12th Dec 2004 Great big auction - go spend some money! Email me
Vintage Audio Show Independent gathering open to everyone
Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Leeds 4th Apr 2004 Audio and other things too Done
Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Leeds 7th Nov 2004 Audio and other things too Email me