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Valve Ephemera: Mullard Catalogues

Mullard 1926 valve leaflet This 8 page fold-out pamphlet is from around 1926 and uses strap-lines for the radio consumer to appreciate: "Long Distance, Pure Tones - valves that give perfect radio reception" and "The Master Valve"..
It covers the D.06, D3 (HF, LF and detectors), DFA0, DFA1, DFA3, DFA4, Green Ring, Red Ring valves, S3 /S6 rectifiers and the PM4 valve.  All show the early four pin or horizontal holder configuration.  See more detail.
No address.  Leaflet reference V*R26, 925, M403/1807.

The 1951/52 edition of the Mullard catalogue is rich and market-driven.  3-D logo on a background of graduated green night sky with bright stars.  Company logo "The Master Valve" is supplemented by "Adds TONE to a Radio".  Although you wouldn't guess it from the front this catalogue does list eight television tubes as well as xenon photographic flashes and photocells. Mullard Ltd.
Century House
Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2

Ref: MV 3277
Printed by Cockayne & Co. London SE1.  Supersedes MV 2045.

Only a year later for the 1952/53 edition and a whole new design change.  More modern halftone images of valves (and at last a CRT) with a jazzy cross-line theme.  Yellow and green hardly being their corporate colours. Ref: MV 3481
Printed by Cockayne & Co. London SE1.

Makes reference to MW36-22 for the new rectangular picture tubes and MW36-24 for germanium crystals.

By the time we get to 1956 the catalogue becomes a data book with a much more utility feel about it.  Wide format (top hinged) for multi-entry data charts.  Basic Logo on graduated background; cheap to design!
Lists three transistors and three diodes.
Mullard Ltd.
Mullard House,
Torrington Place
London, WC1

Ref: MV8349/C21. Printed by Cockayne & Co. Ltd. States that you should not throw your 1954 edition (MV 8012) away (no 1955 issue?).

OK, so at least they bothered to change the colour so that we didn't all get mixed up.
Lists ten transistors and five diodes.
Ref: 8941/C91/6. Printed by Cockayne & Co. Ltd. States that you should not throw your 1957 edition (8661/CZ/86) away.
More of a catalogue than a data booklet, which lists valves for industrial and communication industries.  Wordy introduction into operational recommendations.  Esoteric valves like: Accelerometer Double Diode (DDR100), Electrometer Valves (ME1400), Gas-filled caesium photocells (90CG/20CG), Neon Stabilising tubes (7475/4687/13201A) and the 12,000W TX12-12W power triode. Mullard Electronic Products Ltd.
Transmitting and Industrial Valve Dept,
Century House
Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2.
No date or reference ID. 24pp.

Valve Ephemera: Mullard Advertisements (1950)
All from Mullard Electric Products Ltd., Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London W.C.2.

April 1950 - Portrait of a dealer

Can one showcard make extra profits?  This dealer - like hundreds of others - certainly thinks so.  By encouraging the idea of regular valve replacements he makes contact with prospective set buyers who would otherwise be content with indifferent reception.  That's why he is determined that the new Mullard Publicity is prominently - and permanently - displayed in his windows.

Mullard Valve Publicity is Backed by National Advertising in the Radio Times.

May 1950 - Picture of a dealer

Can one single window transparency really increase sales?  This dealer - like hundreds of others - certainly thinks so.  Mullard window publicity brings in customers who would otherwise pass him by.  And the reason?  It's designed to catch the eye of the man who knows that his set is no longer what it was.

Mullard Valve Publicity is Backed by National Advertising in the Radio Times.


June 1950 -Local Boy

Ever since Joe caught on to the idea behind the Mullard valve advertisements, he has never looked back.  The idea, of course, is simple. Advertisements of new sets are skipped by listeners who are "making do" with their old ones.  But Mullard publicity about valve replacements rekindles their desire for better listening.  So into your shop they come for advice about a new valve.  And then .... well, we don't have to tell you how to make the most of these opportunities.  
Ref: MVM 113
Portrait of a dealer determined to make a Profit
Mullard the MASTER valve means business
Ref: MVM 114
...picture of a dealer increasing his sales!
Mullard the MASTER valve means business
Ref: MVM 133
Local Boy Makes Good
Mullard the MASTER valve means business
Mullard Means Business

This two colour (read expensive) series from 1950 is targeting the dealer and his ever-present need to make better profit - what could be more appealing.  Using key points like "profit", "increased sales" and "makes good" is pretty hard hitting.  Coupled with the point of sale items is a parallel campaign in the Radio Times.  Clearly aims for the valve replace and update market for those sets that are not tied to Mullard valves.