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Valve Ephemera: Cossor Valve Boxes

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1960's Valve box
Repetition is the name of the game for Cossor.  Keeping with the bold red and blue theme but with a cleaner, more modern diamond logo and jazzy blue stripes.
1950's Valve box
Hammer that message home guys.  Whatever way around this box is in the shop, you can be sure that Cossor was seen.  Note the lack of BVA symbol.

Valve Ephemera: Cossor Catalogues

This 1948(?) catalogue matches well with the red diamond and banded logo seen in the 1950's boxes. The only way that they have bothered to jazz it up (and let's face it two spot colours is pushing it) is by stripes; in the background and on the box to simulate shadow.

This 1951 catalogue stays cheap to make with a two colour (red and black) image.  Simple design with a coarse halftone fade surrounding duplicated images of the 7C5 valve (with British 8-Pin Lock-in), no doubt trying to depict mass production on a conveyor line.

Prices for the valves vary from 4/9 to 50 shillings (excluding purchase tax)

A.C. Cossor
Cossor House
Highbury Grove
London N5
Leaflet No. L.448

Prices for the valves vary from 9 to 25 shillings (excluding purchase tax)

A.C. Cossor Ltd
Cossor House
Highbury Grove
London N5
Leaflet No. 1.448.G, 28 August 1951


Valve Ephemera: Cossor Marketing Material

Cossor Station Wheel (or Volvelle)

Example Position:

Station: Katowice Poland
Wave Length:408 metres
Dial /  Reading:  Section for you to add your own dial settings
Call:"Hallo, Hallo / Polskie Raadjo Katowice 
[pronounced cat-o-veach-ee]
Interval Call: Hammer strokes on anvil
Announcer: Woman
Distance in miles from London: 835
When noon at Greenwich: 1 pm
Frequency: 734 Kc/s
Power: 16 KWs[sic]

 A very handy Cossor Valves station guide from the 1930's priced at 2d.  Contained information on 44 stations and even had a spare panel on the back for adding your own.  Funny that they should even mention whether the announcer was a man or woman!

"Distance, tone and power are each largely dependent on the efficiency of the valves in your Receiver.  Experienced listeners always choose Cossor Valves for their high sensitivity and the perfect reliability which enables them to obtain the fullest enjoyment from radio broadcasting.  Get the most from your set.  See that it is fitted with Cossor Valves for capturing those distant stations with brilliant tone and wealth of volume.
"Cossor Screened Grid Valves have an abnormally low inter-electrode capacity permitting the highest effective amplification.  They are available with metallised Bulb [sic] giving more effective screening with improved selectivity and stability.  Cossor Detector, LF and Power Valves have multi-point filament suspension and all types are built on the Cossor system of interlocked construction ensuring freedom from microphonic noise, consistent performance and long life."