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Domestic Advertisements: J & H Walter's Iron, Ozoniser and Dryer

This trader advert from March 1951 shows the interesting cordless iron with three great big prongs that plug into (I assume) the mains base.  Along with the home ozoniser and electric clothes dryer J & H Walters were a company to watch !

Hi !!! They took P. Tax OFF This !!!

Now only £9 -15 – 0

Thump! Every Radio shop in Britain is still feeling the shock of Budget Day. But for some the shock has been cushioned. The Walter No-Cord Electric Ironing Unit – the wonderful new idea in ironing – has become an ever more popular selling line. With the priced reduced by the removal of P.T. the No-Cord has started moving fast.

Two Non-Competing Lines

But that isn’t all. Walter agents also handle the Walter Clothes Dryer and Airer – by far the lowest priced dryer on the market. And the Walter Ozoniser – the only Ozoniser on the market small enough and cheap enough to sell to homes, offices, hotels, etc. If you’re looking for successful new lines to fill the gap in falling sales on other products write to us today for full details.

J & H Walter Ltd., Gloucester House, 19, Charing Cross Road. Tel: TRAfalgar 6213/4/5