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Domestic Advertisements: Vitavox Bitone 6201 Loudspeaker

This Trader advert from November 1951 is not strictly a domestic product - but I thought  had to include this monster.  Paint the veneered case black and it would not look out of place on a modern-day pop concert!

Not Magic
Ö itís the result of intensive engineering research.

Thereís no magic in the design of Vitavox loudspeakers, there are no short cuts to perfection. The magicianís approach to loudspeaker design has produced many a red herring out of the hat by mistake and the years of steady development work which we have undertaken show that itís not all done by mirrors.
A typical example of Vitavox design for sound. Bitone Reproducers are intended for quality reproduction in small halls in conjunction with sound film projectors, for speech reinforcement systems or for musical reproduction, the use of multicell horns in the high frequency channel ensuring maximum fidelity over a wide area. Please write for more details if you are interested.

Bitone Reproducer Model 6201
Vitavox Loudspeakers and Microphones
Vitavox Limited, Westmoreland Road, London NW9.