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Domestic: Portable Radios

Vidor was as well known for its batteries as it portable radios. This trader advert from April 1950 introduces the CN393 / CN392 portable and CN396 / CN381 attaché radios.  The succinct writing style leaves grammar to be desired and the accents have been put in by me.

The Vidor A.C. Riviera

Because it is for AC mains (NOT AC/DC) it is perfectly safe and free from "mains-mush."  Maintains the quality of reproduction long associated with Vidor Portables: and performance on all wavelengths equal to the famous All-Dry All-Wave Riveria AC mains 200/250 volts.  Wave ranges 16-50, 186-550 and 1,000-2,000 metres.  Model CN393 prices at £18 18. 0.  Battery Riviera CN392 complete priced at £18. 8. 11.

The New Vidor AC/Battery Attaché

Same performance on batteries as the famous Vidor Attaché PLUS complete operation as an AC receiver.  Wave bands 186-550 metres and 1,110-1,870 metres.  AC mains 200/250 volts [sic] Vidor Long Life Batteries.  Model CN396 complete priced at £15. 15. 0.  Battery Attaché CN381B complete priced at £12. 13. 4. (in Green Leatherette)

Vidor Ltd.