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Domestic Advertisements: Vidor CN4215 Table TV

This Vidor advert from November 1951 shows quite a nice looking TV from the famous battery maker, Vidor.  Control knobs are mounted on the recessed speaker grille for extra effect.  They were obviously very pleased with the veneer.

'Five Channel' Receiver
Vidor give pride of place to a table model for ALL Service Areas.
CN4215 Price 72 Guineas including tax.

This Television Receiver, Vidor CN4215 is designed to take advantage of the five channels of BBC transmission which should be in action next year.  The picture it gives is 10 3/4" x 8", sharply defined and steady.  The cabinet is simple but the craftsman have worked in such rich walnut that true magnificence has been achieved. 

Brief Technical Specification
15-valve plus Germanium crystal AC/DC, Five-Channel Vision and Sound Receiver.  Mains supply 200-250 DC.  Consumption 120 watts approx.  Cathode Ray Tube: 12" ION TRAP TYPE.  Screen 10 3/4" x 8".  Speaker 6" elliptical. high flux PM.  Main Controls: (1) Brightness and on-off.  (2) Sound Volume.  Auxiliary Controls at rear of receiver.

Vidor Ltd., Erith, Kent