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Domestic Advertisements: Vidor CN381B Portable Radio

This Vidor advert from September 1950 shows typical radios from the battery maker, Vidor.  All other adverts refer to the top model as CN381B which I believe is correct.

Portable Season Starts Again
Make Hay with Video While the Sun Shines!

The Famous Vidor Attaché for Battery Operation

4-valve Superheterodyne of very high performance. Wave-bands 186-550 and 1100 to 1870 metres. Weight only 7½ lbs. Vidor Model 381B.
Price complete with batteries £12. 13. 4.

The Vidor AC/Battery Attaché Portable

This year’s most popular portable: same performance on batteries as the famous Vidor Attaché PLUS complete operation as an AC receiver – Wave-bands 186-500 metres and 1100-1870 metres. For AC Mains 200/250 volts. Vidor Model CN 396 in maroon leatherette,
Complete with batteries £15. 15. 0.

Vidor Ltd., Erith, Kent