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Domestic Advertisements: Valradio Projection TV 

This trader advert from December 1950 pushes the projection TV in the wordiest and most technical fashion imaginable.  Who could be without a 'Blocking Oscillator'? 

The first 19" x 14 ¼" flat Screen Projection Television
First 19" x 14 ¼" truly brilliant flat screen picture
First to operate from DC mains of 200/250 volts
First to operate from DC private house plants of 50 or 110 volts

Television engineering of the highest order housed in a cabinet having clean, functional lines, coupled with the FIRST features indicated above, make the New Valradio 21-Valve Superhet Receiver something unique in Projection Television. It is the nearest approach to the Director of Television’s ideal of a 20in. screen, and provides a truly brilliant picture. The specification as follows further confirms this view:- Blocking Oscillator and ringing choke; 25 kV EHT supply; 260 square inches of picture; Volume, Contrast, Focus and Brilliance controls on front panel; Line amplitude, line hold, frame amplitude and frame hold easily accessible at side together with access to mechanical focussing of projection unit; aerial input 75 ohms Co-axial on to termination strip to which attenuators can be fitted if signal strength is excessive; Walnut Cabinet 42 x 20 x 26in. wide, on easy-run castors; vision and sound interference suppression; constructed in three units consisting of power unit, receivers and time bases linked for easy examination and servicing outside the cabinet itself Power consumption only 190 watts.

Models available:
TVA for 200/250 50 c/s AC mains, £148 plus £34 10s 8d. PT
TVDA for 200/250 DC, capable of operation from AC mains, £156 plus £36 8s. PT
TVD110 for 100v DC, £156 plus £36 8s. PT
TVD50 for 50v DC, £156 plus £36 8s. PT

All models identical with the exception of the power unit.
Valradio Projection television will be supported by National Advertising in the New Year, so your early enquiries are especially requested.

Valradio Limited, 57, Fortess Road, London, NW5 GUL 5165.