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Domestic Advertisements: Ultra "Leader" Table Radio

This trader advert from September 1950 puts forward a convincing argument to buy Ultra; auto-tone control for the sound purist - who isn't.

When the leader of the orchestra takes up
his violin… switch on the new ULTRA Leader and
your customers will exclaim – ‘This is music!’

For the Loveliest Performance you’ve ever heard!

Ultra have done it again – now it’s an automatic tone control that means perfect reproduction at all volumes. And the set which has this feature is the new Leader. Play it… and you’ll know as soon as you hear it this is a great selling feature. It’s going to mean hundreds of delighted customers. Music lovers and enthusiastic listeners will not be able to resist the pure and perfect tone of this set once they hear it in your shop. Of course, the appearance of the Leader is lovely too, handsomely grained woods and the multi-coloured tuning scale will make it the handsome set in your window … see you give it prominent place there.

Price 19 guineas tax paid.
The Ultra Leader. Easy to sell… easy to service!

Ultra Electric Ltd., Western Avenue, Acton, London W3.
Scottish Depot: 40 Wellington Street, Glasgow.