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Domestic Advertisement: Strad 521 Table Radio

This trader advert from November 1951 is not much different from last year's model - ah well, why change a good thing!

Its New
Its News !

Fresh on the market and in keeping with the great Strad tradition for class, both in design and performance, comes model 521. The Cabinet is a beautiful Walnut finish with plastic speaker grille, and technically it has everything of the best in the industry.

List price 23 GNS. (Tax paid)

Strad Model 521

  • 5 BVA valves
  • 3 Wavebands
  • Two speed tuning
  • AC mains 110/250 Volts
  • Cabinet 17" x 13 " x 8 "

Its Sound if its - Strad
R.M. Electric Ltd., Team Valley, Gateshead. 11