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Domestic Advertisements: Stella Radios and TVs

This advert from May 1951 shows the new range of products from Stella, looking ever so like the contemporary Philips products.

Stella the New name in Radio and Television

Now, right from the start, get valuable extra business with Stella, the new name in Radio and television. Both STELLA RADIO AND Stella television receivers have the highest quality performance. Reception on all models is beautifully clear and natural, and the modern and distinguished designs of the Stella cabinets are quite outstanding. There are bound to attract a great deal of attention.

The first of the new Stella range

Model ST 120A. A magnificent 5-valve all-wave model for AC mains. Built-in plate aerial with provision for connecting external aerial. Special 5-position tone switch. Sockets for extension loudspeaker and gramophone pick-up.

Model ST 1480U. A really superb television receiver with 12" tube, giving an excellent, realistic picture. Four simple controls. Beautiful grained cabinet when open, doors fit flush at sides. For AC or DC mains.

Model ST 100U. A 5-valve all wave superhet for AC or DC mains. Extremely high sensitivity on all wavebands. Bandspreading on two short wavebands. Distinctive cabinet design with special indirect lighting feature.

Model ST 1522U. A handy-size table-model but giving a large clear picture (12" tube). High quality sound reproduction. Easy-to-operate controls. For AC or DC mains.

Stella for clearer reception
Stella Radio & Television Company Ltd., Oxford House, 9-15 Oxford Street, London W1.