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Domestic Advertisements: Sobell Model T90 TV, 410/419 AG Radiograms and 610 table radio

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the right hand side of a two page spread of Sobell products. 

Sobell Model 410 AG. (top right) 4-valve superhet Console Auto-Radiogram in well proportioned cabinet finished French walnut veneers, with record storage compartments. High efficiency 970-2000m. Latest type 10" and 12" mixed automatic record changer. Mains 200/250 v. AC. To sell at 42 gns. Tax Paid.

Sobell Television Model T90. (top left) 19-valve (plus metal rectifier) Table Television receiver. Extremely sensitive Automatic impulse suppression High fidelity reception 9" Cathode Ray Tube. Operates on 41.5 66.75 megacycles. Superhet sound receiver. Two user controls, seven pre-set controls. Beautifully designed "Best Seller" cabinet. Mains 200/250 volts AC (London and Midlands Models). To Sell at 54 gns. Tax Paid.

Sobell Model 419 TG. (bottom right) 4-valve superhet Table Radiogram in handsome walnut veneered cabinet with gold metal grille. High efficiency circuit with positive feedback. 190-550m and 1200-2000m wavebands. Player takes 10" and 12" records. Mains 210/240 volts AC. A truly remarkable model. To sell at 24 gns. Tax Paid.

Sobell Model 610. (bottom left) 6-valve superhet Table Receiver. Cabinet of smart new design in contrasting walnut veneers. Metal Grille and bronze finish. Detachable glass dial covering three wavebands: 970-2000m. 183-570m. and 15.8-51.7m. including 16, 19, 25, 31, 41 and 49 metre bands. Push-pull output, negative feedback. Output 6 watts from 10" L/S. Switched for Gram Pick-up and internal and external L/S/ Mains: 200/250 volts AC. To sell at 26 gns. Tax Paid.

Sobell Radio & Television, Sobell Indistries Ltd., Langley Park, Slough, Bucks.  Tel: Slough 22201/5.