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Domestic Advertisements: Sobell Model 430 and 439 Radios

This trader advert from April 1950 shows the left hand side of a two page spread of Sobell products.  Note the strange toaster-shaped portable on the right, with one standard knob and one edge on knob; weird!  Free repair from home, under guarantee from Sobell was a very good offer.

"… a lot of technical nonsense!" said Mrs. Green

"John kept reading out all about valves and positive feed something or other – ‘a lot of technical nonsense’, I said. ‘What I want is a reliable set –‘"
What Mrs. Green really wants is a Sobell. When you sell Sobell, you make sure that she stays a happy, contented customer. All you do is sell, install, collect. We take over from there. We guarantee every Sobell model for two years* from date of purchase. If anything goes wrong, Mrs. Green will let us know, and a Sobell engineer will go to her home and repair or replace the faulty part, free of charge. This Sobell service means that Sobell radio and television just have to be good – obviously. It also means that because your customers think well of Sobell, they will always keep on excellent terms with you – the dealer who gave them good listening – good looking.

* Valves and cathode ray tubes are subject to the BVA makers’ standard guarantee of 90 days and six months respectively.

Sobell Model 430. (right) 4-valve superhet Table Receiver in exceptionally attractive cabinet of Australian walnut veneer with bronze finish metal grille. High performance chassis with positive feedback. 6 ½" Loudspeaker. Horizontal twin scales, covering the medium 183-570 metres and long 970-2000 metre bands. Mains 210/240 volts AC/DC. To sell at 16 gns. Tax Paid.

Sobell Model 439 (Sobellette). The Sobellette is a full-power 4-valve superhet with the performance of a standard 5-valve receiver. In Ivory, Ice Blue, Aero Green, Magenta, Peach, Pastel Green, and Walnut. Output 3 watts. Medium and Long wavebands. No aerial or earth needed. The best value in first-class radio – With the full Sobell Guarantee of 2 Years Free Maintenance in the Home. Mains: 210/240 volts AC/DC. To sell at £9. 19. 6. Tax Paid.

Sobell Radio & Television, Sobell Indistries Ltd., Langley Park, Slough, Bucks.  Tel: Slough 22201/5.