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Domestic Advertisements: Scophony-Baird Tape Recorder

This trader advert from December 1951 was shown at the beginning of the domestic tape recorder market.  It never was to be big until the compact cassette came along.  Are you surprised when you look at this monster?

Good Companion

A worthy companion to a fine television range, the Scophony Baird tape recorder is earning an outstanding reputation in a profitable market. It records and plays immediately. One reel of tape may be kept as a permanent record, or at will be erased for new recordings as often as desired. Robust, reliable, and competitive in price, it is selling rather faster than we can manufacture.

You will find it a good and profitable companion to your television stocks.

Scophony Baird
Magnetic Tape Recorder
Price 55 gns. Retail including microphone.

Scophony-Baird Ltd., Lancelot Road, Wembley, Middlesex.