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Domestic Advertisements: Regentone A141 (and U141) Table Radio

This trader advert from November 1950 shows the  A121 table radio.  Designed around the "features and benefits" bullets, this advert differs from the normal Regentone ad with big bodies of text.  notice the two side "wings" concealing the side controls, a feature on a number of radios that year.

A141 - AC Mains, 100-120 and 200-240 volts, 50-60 cycles
U141 - AC/DC mains. 100-120 and 200-250 volts {AC 50-100 cycles}

  • 5 valve superhet
  • 3 wavebands
  • Extension speaker sockets
  • 8" PM loudspeaker
  • Provision for P.U.
  • Handsome Regentone cabinet
  • Large tuning scale

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You’d better get Regentone by the sound of it!

Write for full details of the complete range of Regentone radio receivers, radiograms & television models to:-

Regentone Products Ltd. Eastern Avenue, Romford, Essex. Tel: Romford 5991