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Domestic Advertisements: Regentone A25 (and U25) Table Radio and Big '12' Table TV

This trader advert from July 1951 shows the A25 table radio and smart oddly named Big '12' table TV.  The radio is unusual in having a plastic and wood case, twin speakers and two-speed tuning.  All TVs had the same size screen (12") so Regentone try to convince us there's is somehow bigger!

Model 25
Unique cabinet design.  Two matched speakers

Generously proportioned plastic cabinet with selected timber and walnut veneers; 5 valve, 3 waveband superhet.  Tone control.  Two-speed tuning, and sockets for pick-up and extension speaker. 
A25 for AC mains: List price 21.6.6. Pur. tax 9.2.6. 29 gns. tax paid.
U25 for AC/DC mains: List price 22.1.3. Pur. tax 9.8.9. 30 gns. tax paid.

Big '12'
Table Television with the Big Picture

Brilliant picture, larger than normal for a 12" tube.  Special elliptical speaker.  Distinguished Regentone cabinet in figured walnut.  Available for all Television areas. 
List price 54.6.10. Pur. tax 24.8.2. 75 gns. Tax paid.

* These are but two of the comprehensive range of Regentone radio receivers, radiograms and television models.  Write for full details.

You'd better get Regentone by the look of it!

Regentone Products Ltd., Eastern Avenue, Romford, Essex.  Phone Romford 5991/4.