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Domestic Advertisement: Raymond F62 Bandspread Table Radio

This trader advert from November 1951 shows the high-spec'd, high price world receiver - a concept that is still around today.  With eight wavebands you should have been able to select any station you wanted - with a decent aerial.

World wide reception on the
Raymond Bandspread F62

Technical Specification
5 Mullard valves, latest high efficiency, all glass, eight wavebands. MW 175-556 metres, LW 750-2000 metres and bandspreading on all SW Bands, 13m., 16m., 19m., 25m., 31m., 40-50 metres. Large Glass Tuning Scale multi-coloured, showing all the principle stations of the world. Illuminated by 4 Pilot Lamps for brilliance. Output, 4 watts. Tone Control variable to suit individual tastes. Pick-up sockets are provided for record reproduction. 8" loudspeaker. High flux permanent magnet type. Extension Speaker sockets 2-4 ohms. Imp. Cabinet. Finished in highly polished contrasting mahogany veneers. Size 13" x 20" x 9". Mains. 100v to 250v AC.

Price 30 GNS including tax.

Raymond Radio and Television
Raymond Electric Ltd., Brent Crescent, North Circular Rd. London, NW10.