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Domestic Advertisements: Pye FV1 Table TV

This trader advert from May 1951 is a standard TV, slightly less ugly than previous attempts by Pye.

The TV Set everybody will want!
FV1 New 5 Station 12" TV

Here is the Pye FV1 – a superb new receiver from the home of Britain’s finest TV. Incorporating the famous Pye Black Screen, the FV1 embodies also a perfected circuit design and many other technical improvements. These include: Higher EHT Voltage, AVC on sound, Fringe-Area sensitivity, Variable Interference-Control, Easy 5-station tuning – adjustment to any of the 5 BBC channels is a matter of minutes. A Table and Console Model are available, and the cabinets are craftsman-built in highly polished walnut.

FV1 Table Model £71. 0. 0 tax paid

FV1C Console Model £85. 0. 0. tax paid.

Pye Limited, Radio Works, Cambridge.