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Domestic Advertisements: Presto Kitchen Goods

This Trader advert from November 1951 shows a range of general kitchen good typical of their era.

The magic formula of Presto success

  1. Imaginatively designed on up-to-date lines

  2. Quality built

  3. Nationally advertised

The New Presto 604 Pressure Saucepan
Ideal size for small family.  It replaces the 404, and its straight sides and domed lid provide more cooking space.  Embodies the unique pressure indicator, plus an extra safety fitment.  Only 75/-.

Presto Coffee Maker
Makes perfect coffee in three minutes.  Lower vessel becomes a handsome coffee server for the table.  All parts unbreakable.  Sells at 43/- for gas cookers; 48/- for electric hotplates.

Presto Cooker Canner 16
For large-scale catering in boarding houses, cafes, canteens etc.  Cooks five different foods at once.  Accommodates several jars for bottling.  Pet-cock control.  Sells at 11 guineas.

Presto "Press Button" Whistling Kettle
Press-button action opens the pourer without scalding the hands.  No drips, no bubbling.  Cool grip.  Saves time and fuel.  Sells at 19/6d.

Made in England by The National Pressure Cooker Co. (England) Ltd., Fort Works, Wolverhampton.