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Domestic Advertisements: Presto Coffee-Maker

This Trader advert from November 1951 shows Presto's sculptured machine for making fresh coffee.

New Presto Profits for You

Here’s a new line that meets the need for a high quality coffee-maker at a really moderate price – the Presto Coffee-Maker. Note its points of superiority:

Enables anyone to make perfect coffee easily, quickly
In non-stain chromium, it lasts a lifetime
Lower vessel is a beautiful Coffee Server for the table with heat-proof handle. It pours, non-drip, from any position. Spring-clip lid cannot fall off.
All parts are unbreakable, and easily washable
Ingenious patent filter
Makes coffee for 2 or for 10 equally easily
Suitable for any type of stove
Made by the makers of the Presto Pressure Saucepan

Retail Prices:
Electric Hot Plate Model 48/-
Gas Stove Model 43/-
Subject to normal Presto discounts

Presto Coffee-Maker
All enquiries to National Pressure Cooker Co. (England) Ltd., Fort Works, Wolverhampton.