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Domestic Advertisement: Portogram "Junior Eight" Gramophone 

This trader advert from December 1951 shows the "Junior Eight", the 'eight' referring to the speaker size.  This shape and layout was generally adopted for record players up until the mid-60's so well done Portogram!

The Junior Eight Amplified Gramophone

5 valve push pull output, 8" high fidelity speaker
In a class of its own
Built for the Connoisseur
Ideal for school, club or home use.

Send for our new list including the full range of the popular Portogram Record Player Units.

Model (A) Fitted with automatic record changer
(B) Fitted with three-speed single player
(C) Fitted with AC/DC universal motor
(E) Fitted adjustable speed centre drive motor single record player
Oak Finish 34. 5s. 4d. Air Travel Finish 37. 2s. 6d (including purchase tax)
(D) AC single record player rim drive
Oak Finish 31. 8s. 2d. Air Travel Finish 34. 5s. 4d. (including purchase tax)
De Luxe AC three-speed autochange
Air Travel Finish 40. 13s. 10d. (including purchase tax)

Portogram Radio Electrical Industries Ltd. Preil Works, St. Rule Street, London SW8