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Domestic Advertisements: Pilot ARG61 Console Radiogram

This trader advert from December 1951 is stunningly different from the norm - but only when you open it.  Light finished interior with Ikea-type lines was way ahead of it's time; I wonder if it ever sold!

Pilot Auto-Radiogram
with the double-door cabinet

The RGA61 is a new addition to the Pilot range.  Its radio provides excellent reception on short, medium and long waves with superb reproduction and tone from its 10in. speaker.  A Garrard changer which is mounted in a sliding drawer deals with 8in., 10in. or 12in. records, wear being reduced by a lightweight, high fidelity pick-up. A tone correcting stage enhances the production from records.  The set is contained in a double-door cabinet in figured walnut with a sycamore interior and has ample storage space for records.  This beautifully designed cabinet will blend well with any surroundings and has that unobtrusive air of excellence only to be found in products of the highest quality and finish.

82 GNS. Tax Paid.  3-speed model 86 GNS. Tax Paid (as available).

Pilot Radio Ltd., Park Royal, London NW10