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Domestic Advertisements: Pilot "Little Maestro" Portable Radio

This Trader advert from November 1951 Shoes Pilot's lovely "Little Maestro", a name that was used for a whole series of portable radios.  This neat, dumpy radio continues Pilot's ability to present leading edge design for the time.

The small set with a Big Future!
Pilot’s new Little Maestro Mains Portable

The little set with the big-set performance
Here is a new two wave set with a really sparkling performance. Controls are simple, tone is excellent and reception and selectivity on long and medium waves are exceptional for such a small set. The new Little Maestro will please the most discriminating customer not only with its performance – but with its price; that makes it radio’s best buy today. Undoubtedly a set with a future.

New Circuit Design
Incorporating negative feed-back to give fine quality tone reproduction, and full frequency range.

New Cabinet Design
A beautifully moulded, modern-styled cabinet with spring-loaded carrying handle. In Natural brown, Soft Cream or Pastel Green.

New Control Simplicity
Dual purpose control for easy operation. Only one control for tuning and waveband change.

AC 200/250 volts, AC/DC 110/250 volts. 16 gns. tax paid.
Pilot Radio and Television, The Standard of Excellence, Park Royal, London NW10