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Domestic Advertisements: Pifco Torch Range

This trader advert from September 1950 shows an extensive range of torches, flashlights, lights and Xmas lights.  I am struggling, however, with the Pistolite, a torch shaped like a gun that would never let you through security these days!

Pifco Flashlights
Lead in sales & Profits!
Tops for design &

If you are not yet a stockist, write for illustrated catalogue to:-
Pifco Ltd., 63 Gt. Eastern Street, London EC2

[from left to right, top to bottom]

  • All purpose Dualite Lantern

  • Ziplite

  • Penlite

  • Rotalite

  • Torches 200 to 1500 ft. spot focus

  • Bedlite

  • Nursery Light

  • Pistolite

  • Liitle Gem

Pifco Electric Decorations for all Festive Occasions