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Domestic: Philco Portable Radio B2601

This trader advert from June 1950 can hardly be described as modest, though I have to agree it is very nice.  Such accurate specifications as well with tuning to 2,142 metres!  The portable season is the summer, when people bought more radios to play outdoors.

This 'Portable' Season everybody's going to want this Philco Battery Portable

This is Philco's latest contribution to the rapid Summer sales.  It has that 'buyable' look - and an unbeatable performance.  Its smart, trim lines in your window will bring the customers in.  Its handiness, exceptional sensitivity and fine tone quality will make them glad they came.  It's a portable that will make friends - and sales. B 2601 - the year's most beautiful portable.

Place your order with your Philco distributor NOW. 4-valve superhet in ivory polystyrene cabinet with leather carrying handle.  Tuning ranges: 1,000 to 2,142 metres; 187 to 555 metres. 5" P.M. speaker.  Separate all-dry batteries: 1.5 volts and 85.5 volts.  Weight (with batteries) 8 lbs. Price 13.18.7 tax paid and including batteries.

Philco (great Britain) Limited, 92 New Cavendish Street, London W.1.