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Domestic Advertisements: Peto Scott TV124 Console TV and RC70 Radiogram

This Peto Scott advert from September 1950 shows two of their console products.  Unfortunately they forgot to include the reference number for the Console Radiogram; only adding it to the mention of the 78 rpm model (the RC70).

Peto Scott Presents
2 New Start Performers in Radio and Television

Here are two up-to-the-minute Peto Scott sets - incorporating fresh features, new ideas and with the mid-twentieth century look.  Once again Peto Scott answer the dealer's need - with sets that capture the public's imagination.

  • Long Playing Records - This is the radiogram to meet the latest demand.  Here is the radiogram for the microgroove record enthusiast.  3-speed motor giving a choice of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 revs. per minute with fine adjustment for absolute accuracy, incorporating a new high fidelity pick-up suitable for all types of records. 68 gns.   Also available for 78 rpm with Garrard automatic record changer RC70. 65 gns.

  • First Appearance Anywhere! A Television set where reliability & Performance are a First Priority.  In their new TV124 Peto Scott offer a set as technically perfect as their long experience assures plus a cabinet of exceptional beauty.  Note cupboard length doors. 83 gns.

Birmingham Radio Show 1950 Stand 84.

Peto Scott Electrical Instruments Ltd., Addlestone Road, Weybridge, Surrey.  Phone: Weybridge 4271 (5 lines).  Cables: Megacycle, Weybridge.