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Domestic Advertisements: Mervyn 1260 Table Radio

This trader advert from September 1950 shows a table radio from the little-known Mervyn Sound & Vision.   This midget-radio styling is a little dated, looking more like the post-war bakelite monsters with small tuning scales.

Attractive Appearance. Outstanding Performance. Moderate Price. Worthwhile Discounts.

The Mervyn Minor Model 1260

  • Well designed and carefully built 5 valve superhet circuit for Medium and Long Wavebands.
  • Sensitivity: MW 50 Microvolts; LW 75 Microvolts.
  • Selectivity: Adjacent 9Kc channel selectivity better than 100-1.
  • Self-contained aerial.
  • Handsome moulded cabinet in pleasing ivory shade.
  • Size 9" x 7" x 5". Weight 6lbs. 9ozs.
  • AC/DC 100-135 volts and 200-250 volts
  • Price 9 gns. Plus tax.

Other models in the Mervyn range
"Airmaster" all-wave Console Receiver, Model 377, 21 guineas plus 4/14/4 Purchase Tax.
"Airmaster" all-wave automatic Radiogram, Model 377 ARG, 34 guineas plus 15/5/6 Purchase Tax.
"Mervyn" Two-stage television pre-amplifier. 6/17/6.

The Mervyn Sound & Vision Co., Ltd.
Thornash Way, Horsell, Woking, Surrey. Tel: Woking 2091