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Domestic: McMichael Radio and TVs

This Trader advert from July 1951 shows some of the McMichael range of TVs and radios.  this advert has probably the longest sentence I have ever seen.  McMichael had been selling radios since the 1920's with a reputation of high quality furniture-style appliances.  The twin-speaker radio is a classic of its era - but before stereo!

In Confidence...

While the public appreciate fine cabinet work it needs a fine set inside to convince the trade.  With McMichael you get both.  McMichael's many points of superiority rest on very substantial technical grounds.  The attention to detail in the circuit, the development of push-pull output and its consequent effect upon tonal quality - the precautions taken to reduce mains static interference - the exceptional waveband coverage - all these and other de-luxe features account for the inherent reliability, year in and year out, of any set bearing the name McMichael.  The sets shown here fully maintain this proud tradition.  They can be handled in the confident expectation of better sales and enhanced goodwill.

McMichael Radio For Reliability

* McMichael model 512R (12") Television and Radio Receiver. AC Mains 190/250V, 50 cycles.  Price 109-6-11 tax paid.

** McMichael model 851U Twin Speaker Transportable. AC/DC 190-250V, 40/100 cycles.  Price 23-5-0 tax paid.

*** McMichael model TM51 (Table Model).  A 14 valve Tunable Television Receiver. AC 190/250V 50 cycles.  Price 78-5-7 tax paid.

London Office (Home Sales and Export: [sic] 190, Strand, WC2.
Tel: TEM 2085.  Grams Radiether, London.
Works: Slough.  Depots in Birmingham and Glasgow.